Wow Spring is officially here in New Zealand.  Daffodils are all around, cherries trees blossoming, kids enjoying feeding new born lambs, sun is shining and mornings are not that crisp biting cold any more.

With days like these we as women start thinking about Spring cleaning our garden, garage, even wardrobes putting winter clothes away getting rid of the old stuff etc, list is endless.

Spring is not just about all that. With spring upon us this is perfect time to shake off the winter heaviness, cleanse and rejuvenate our bodies.  It’s about getting rid of the accumulated bad toxins in your body, and replacing it with good stuff.

Ayurveda can help us towards achieving better health and inner harmony during this time.

Ayuspa is offering two fabulous spring special.

1.  cleansing of 5 senses.  

This is to cleanse your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and body.Maintaining healthy sensory organs thus increasing one’s longevity. 

2.  Rejuvenating package

This includes Indian head massage , whole body udvartan and steaming.

It has been proved by scientists  that regular marma massage  protects us from stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue and most Vata disorders. It nourishes the body, provides better sleep, improves circulation, and helps regaining better physical stability.