Udvartana, exfoliating massage

Udvartana, exfoliating massage

udwartan-oldBeat up this winter by this  unique treatment of exfoliate, rejuvenate and prevent skin diseases.    A herbal powder massage is an excellent way to reduce fat and tone up body.

This improves  glow, texture and complexion.

Improves blood circulation

Exfoliate skin.

Removes accumulated toxins.Udwartan

Enhances skin glow.

helps in weight management.



Bringing balance and health to the whole system is the fundamental principle ofAyurvedic healing. Ayurveda engages the body to bring forth its own inherent individual inner beauty. Inner beauty relates to inner qualities of being including emotional state and mental abilities.   Like Physical body can be moulded by diet and lifestyle, we can also train our minds to cultivate positive states of being more beautiful, so the mind can become tamed and disciplined.   Inner beauty is also tool for changing your life for better by restoring physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Ayurvedic beauty treatments include skin care diet massage exercise routine.   Ayurveda recognizes that we are all different that each of us has unique mind and body. We all have our own personal definition of what it means to be happy healthy and in the balance.

Ayurveda acknowledge that our body and mind are not two separate entities but are closely intertwined.

Ayurveda teaches that health and beauty is the result of a powerful energy within us.

Skin care routine has abhyanga, ubtan and steaming.

Ubtan powders can be applied either as liquid pastes or powders. They are rubbed in to face and body.

Traditionally Ayurveda suggest the use of herbal powders called ubtans to cleanse the skin.   An ubtan is a mixture of flour, herbs, and oil that cleans moisturizes and tones the skin.

Ayurveda recommended treating yourself with body scrubs once a week to stimulate circulation and removing dead skin.

In today’s life sense of balance and sanity is so often missing.

Boost complexion.   By removing dead skin, and stimulate circulation.

Cleanse and revitalize skin and removes body odour

Develop strong immune system   eliminate toxins by opening skin pores promote blood circulation and improves sluggish lymphatic system. .

Reduce weight,   Sushuruta said Udvartan is body toning process. With massage and application of a combination of herbal powder, pastes or oil, removes blockage and fighting stubborn subcutaneous fat tissue break down into small globules reduce fat removes excess water and strengthen the body.   Regular Udvartan is not only good for reducing fat tissues but it helps loosing weight by increasing basal metabolic rate. .

Revitalize skin;

Udvartan at Ayuspa:   At Ayuspa, Special attention is given on clients comfort and need. Very carefully a mix of herbs and oil are chosen according to your body type and issue need to address.

Herbal paste is applied all over the body and massage in a specific manner to create friction. This removes dead skin , open up skin pore,   removes blockage from channels. Different vigorous massage strokes with variable pressure are used while keeping that in mind that skin does not get too dry.

My favorite recipe

One of the simple and well known recipe you can find all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboards.

2 tablespoon chickpea flour

½ tablespoon mustard seed powder

½ teaspoon turmeric.

Vata people mix this with milk or sesame seed oil to make thick paste

Pitta people   mix this mixture with aloe vera or lemon juice

Kapha people can mix this with for just water or olive oil to get individualize benefits.

How to use it.

Simply use the powder or Make a paste a according to your body type and apply all over the body.