Immune boosting soup

Make your immune-boosting soup: Warm soup is good for the respiratory mucosa. Mix garlic ginger and seasonal veggies for added support to the immune system.  If you like sharp citrusy, almost piney flavour, use galangal root instead of ginger which gives fresh, pungently spicy, taste. They both help the immune system. You could use a […]

Build up Immunity through Ayurveda

Build up your immunity There are millions of unseen, unnoticed viruses around us. Till our immune system is working strong we do not get any symptoms, our body’s fighting mechanism help to keep them away. Once our immune system is compromised for whatever reason, that is when an attack from deadly viruses, bacteria or any […]

Ayuspa Detox and Sim Aid

Ayuspa Detox and slim aid (28 days Pack) contains Detox & slim tea 28 bags Slim Aid Turmeric 120 cap Slim Aid Moringa 120 cap Boost metabolism & burn fat Naturally Effective in Detox and colon cleansing Moringa provides rich green super food that nourishes and detoxify the body. In Ayurveda everything is pretty much […]