Stay fit-Be Active


Think differently this Christmas. Let’s leave the challenging 2020 and look forward to a beautiful Christmas and new year with our unique gift options.

Give someone an Ayuspa experience through an Ayuspa Gift Card or try one of these five packs on sale for the first time this year. They are handpicked to suit every budget and every interest.  Make your loved ones remember this Christmas like none before.  Show them you care.

By buying these packs you are saving more than 45% of the retail price of individual items.  You are also supporting a small local business.  Our gratitude and your support can make someone special very happy this Christmas.

Your gift comes in a beautiful box, contains instructions and ingredients printed beautifully and can be mailed for the extra cost with a message from you.


Heading to the beach this year?  Looking at a busy active Christmas after that dreadful lockdown? Gift someone our package of Caffeine-free turmeric milk and Turmeric capsules will ensure muscles remain strong and joint supple.  This pack contains 7 items.

  1. Turmeric Golden Milk: We have added three warming spices (organic ginger root, cardamom pod, and black pepper) to Turmeric and sweetened it with coconut milk to make this caffeine-free drink
  2. Turmeric capsules: Excellent for general health and wellbeing for joint support, digestive system, and cardiovascular system.
  3. Freedom oil: Contains nutgrass, hibiscus, menthol, cinnamon and camphor. Massage sore muscles
  4. Bath bomb: Enjoy a soak and soothe your aching muscles with our bath bomb contains lavender and eucalyptus
  5. Mandala card: Monks have used these patterns for centuries to meditate by colouring in. Colouring pencils are not included. Best to use colours that have personal meaning.
  6. Candle: Soothing rose-infused candle
  7. Potpourri bag: Contains dried lavender put it under the pillow wake up feeling fresh.