Hair and Body Care



Let’s be vain and spoil ourselves without guilt this summer.  Let’s be kind to our skin the largest organ that acts as a barrier between the outside world and your vital organs. Also, remember we are always shedding skin cells. This pack of 7 items will make sure your loved one’s skin and hair remain glowing and in good condition.

  1. Body oil: choose one from three options depending on the body type- (Vata for Dry, or Pitta for Oily or Kapha for Itchy skin) massage whole body once daily.
  2. Kaya: (Soap free bath powder) rub the body with this powder that also acts as a scrubbing agent. Supports healthy bacteria.
  3. Hair oil: adds volume, promotes growth apply once daily at night.
  4. Kesh: (soap-free shampoo powder) non-foaming powder repairs damage to hair cuticle from blow-drying and chemicals used in shampoos, conditioners and dyes.
  5. Mandala card: Monks have used these patterns for centuries to meditate by colouring in. Colouring pencils are not included. Best to use colours that have personal meaning.
  6. Candle: Soothing rose-infused candle.AyuPotpourri bag: Contains dried rose petals can be put in a bath or in the wardrobe.