Detox- Gentle Cleansing



Christmas is a time for indulgences and excesses.  We often put our bodies under a lot of stress during the festive season allowing toxins to build up. This pack of 8 items will help fight fatigue bloating digestion issues and sleep irregularities. Within 28 days you can expect to cleanse toxins from your system.

  1. Detox tea: 28 Teabags contains Moringa known as the green superfood that nourishes and detoxifies the body
  2. Slim Aid Moringa: 120 Capsules- remove toxins and builds immunity. T
  3. Slim aid Turmeric: 120 Capsules -we have fortified Turmeric with gooseberry, senna and rose for detox
  4. Kapha Massage Oil: 100l mls Massage hands and feet with this oil once daily and detox
  5. Kaya (soap-free) bath powder: 100 grams
  6. Mandala card: Monks have used these patterns for centuries to meditate by colouring in. Colouring pencils are not included. Best to use colours that have personal meaning.
  7. Candle: Soothing rose-infused candle
  8. Potpourri bag: Contains dried lavender petals -place under the pillow and let the detox continue while you dream.