Improve energy flow, detox and polish
Time, lifestyle, stress impact on the way we look or feel. We need to rejuvenate and AyuSpa has a great package that will make you feel rejuvenated inside out.
Centering and guided meditation: Feed the body and soul
We live in a chaotic busy world. We find a little break here and there seek tranquility when and where we can because the option of packing it in and running away is simply not there. Let AyuSpa help you find this tranquillity with a special package. Feel centred with an Ayurvedic head massage for 20 minutes, slip into a meditative state with a 30 minute session of Yoga Nidra and then enjoy an hour long Shirodhara. Streamline energy flow with a 30 minute Foot Spa. Enjoy a freshly cooked vegetarian lunch as you reflect and contemplate on the tranquillity that would have prevailed in the session

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