A highly specialised ancient treatment


Designed for Sinus problems, headaches, migraines, this nasal therapy also helps with sleep, improves smell, works on olfactory sensory organ.
$8560 min

Service Includes:

  • Facial marma points are massaged, applied hot compress and Medicated oil is gradually dropped in both nostrils to melt and drain mucus from nasal passage

Nasya is an effective Ayurvedic therapy for healing head and upper respiratory tract.  In Ayurveda Nose is considered doorway of Prana, (Vital force).  This is where breath of life flows in and out of our body.  It never gets to rest   Nasya is a practice to look after nasal passage and the sinuses.  One should lubricate nasal passage with ghee or sesame oil to increase free flow of Ida and Pingala nadis (hot and cold channels).  

Nasya is used is in nose ears and throat disorders though it works wide range of disorders   Ayurvedic practitioners recommends this for sinusitis, allergies, chronic upper respiratory disorders It treats nasal infection, congestion, and removes excess doshas from head Nasya helps in headaches,  migraines, tired eyes,  relieves tension in  head and body, improves mental clarity

advantages that our clients have reported with Nasya include:

Prevents Hay Fever, runny nose  or  mucous blockage

Relieves accumulated stress

Enhances smell vision and taste

Improves voice quality

Soothes dryness in nose

At ayuspa we take pride to individualise your session  Taking history and finding doshic imbalance are crucial first steps  During Nasya you will be  comfortably lying down on our massage table  Session starts with  facial abhyanga (oil massage) with herbal oil  Marma points of face, forehead, nose ears and neck area are massged to stimulate circulation This is followed by herbal steam inhalation with localised hot compress over face and neck area that further loosens accumulated doshas  Nasya oil administration is done by putting 6 to 10 drops of a special oil into each nostrils  You will feel a tingly sensation as the oil starts penetrating into nostrils Some people experience irritation in the nasal mucosa or throat  Lukewarm water is given to gargle and rinse in this case  It is not uncommon to feel as if you are about to sneeze  Therapist will repeat same procedure accordingly

After care:   keep face head cover after therapy

Do not go outside into direct wind or rain without covering your head

Do not drink cold water

Avoid cold things to eat on the day of therapy

Do not drink cold and  hot drinks soon after each other  

It is recommended to adapt nasya into your daily routine for prevention of nasal diseases.  

It is ideal to warm nasya oil for better penetration. You can do this by putting the nasya oil bottle into warm water for few minutes beforehand  

Lie down on your back with a pillow or rolled towel under your neck so  that your head is slightly tilted upwards opening nasal passage. Keep tissues handy incase you need to sneeze  

Place 2 drops of oil with dropper in each nostril and relax for 5-10 minutes, while oil penetrates into sinus cavity.  If it goes in throat spit it out and keep relaxing.  Please do not go outside direct into  wind after this. Follow this once a week  

Mini Practice:   Place a drop of nasya oil at the tip of your little finger.  Insert the same finger into your nostril as deep as you comfortably can.  Move finger around to massage and lubricate nostril while taking deep inhalation.  Repeat the same procedure into another nostril  after washing the little finger or by using little finger of  the other hand.  Wash hands properly.  

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