Hair Treatment

Stimulates hair growth, prevents hair fall, or greying and maintains hair colour
A herbal paste (with henna base) is applied thoroughly on the scalp and hair to nourish and condition your hair

How Hair Treatment is performed at Ayuspa?

We expose our hair to some harsh conditions these days- chemical sprays, dyes, straighteners, curlers -the list is endless. We feel any damage caused to it can be undone  once hair grows more as long as the hair roots are safe. Well this is hardly the case Keratin – the fibrous structural protein that coats the outer layer of hair follicle does get damaged with harsh treatment. At Ayuspa we start hair treatment session with massaging the hair roots with fingertips. As you feel the circulation increase in the scalp a herbal paste (henna, shikakai and reetha) is applied generously starting from the scalp and spreading to the length of the hair. The paste is left in place for half an hour It has conditioning and nourishing properties.

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