Akshi Tarpan

Akshi Tarpan

Nourishes eye muscles thus improving eyesight.


Start with massaging facial massage with pure warm Ghee, stimulating Marma points around eyes.

How Akshi Tarpan is performed at Ayuspa?

You will be lying down with face up on our special wooden table. A  neck support is placed and head is tilted backward slightly. Using a freshly prepared flour dough rings are prepared. These rigs are placed around each eye so that the eyes are enclosed. The junctions of the rings with eye sockets and at the nasal bridge are sealed with wet flour. We then fill the dough rings with medicated warm liquified ghee. You keep your eyes closed when the ghee is poured. Once the ghee settles in the rings you will be asked to  open and close the eyes. The medicated ghee is allowed to come in contact with the eyeballs. Don’t be alarmed if you experience mild burning sensation. This is temporary and settles quickly

Duration of Akshi Tarpana:

The period for which the medicines should be retained in the Tarpana ring will vary for different diseases and conditions.

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