Simplicity and Elegance

A Day of Ayurvedic living

Live a day according to Ayurvedic principles!
Interested but anxious because it is a too alien concept. Don’t know where to start! Well to help you answer these questions and to get started with what can become a lifelong journey have a day of Ayurvedic living with AyuSpa.
You will be welcomed with a soothing (option of hot or cold) drink. The state of your Doshas will be assessed in a 15 minute constitution analysis and depending on the findings individually selected oil will be prepared for oil bath (Abhayanga). Marma points on head are massaged for further relaxation. A coarse textured herbal scrub will be applied and massged over body to get blood flowing and skin pores open to eliminate toxins throughout your body. Muscles are then relaxed with a whole body Potly massage for 30 minute. Feel the toxins leave your body as you are wrapped in hot herbal soaked towels. We trap all the good oils by applying wheat germ paste/ yoghurt/ sesame seed paste over whole body polish before letting you shower. Conclude with a nurturing vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch especially prepared according to your constitution analysis. This is a truly memorable experience at an unhurried pace.
$3994 Hrs

Service Includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • Ayurvedic assessment
  • Abhyanga whole body and face
  • Potly massage
  • Herbal scrub
  • Steaming
  • Body wash
  • shower
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch and body specific herbal tea

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