Kapha - Revitalise Oil

Kapha - Revitalise Oil




Green lentil flour, Rice flour, mustard seed powder, almond powder, oat meal turmeric, cumin powder, amla powder, coriander, ginger powder, tea tree oil.  

Recommendation: Ayurveda recommended treating yourself with body scrubs once a week.


  • It has antibacterial properties and helps reduce acne
  • Smooth flawless skin.  
  • Adds radiance.
  • Reduces dark spots.
  • Helps to improve skin texture and complexion.

Direction to use:  Wet entire body under warm shower for 2 min.  Turn off shower.  Use small amount of scrub powder in your palms and apply all over the body.  Massage gently all over body into circular motion paying extra attention to neck, shoulders, elbows and knees for 5-7 minutes.    Rinse off in the shower.

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