Gundush: Ayurvedic oil pulling

An ancient Ayurvedic technique with multiple health benefits.  Simply put- it is swishing medicated oils in the mouth!


  • Great for oral health, bad breath and preventing dental caries
  • Increases metabolism and improves digestion by releasing enzymes from the  salivary glands
  • Enhances taste
  • Excellent for dry throat and dry lips
  • Removes toxins from the mouth


Best done on empty stomach- before breakfast

Take 1-2 tablespoons of the oil in the mouth

Move oil slowly in the mouth- back forth and around. Rinse, swish, suck and pull through the teeth

Keep repeating for 5-7  minutes

Don’t swallow the oil as it collects all impurities from your mouth

Spit it out when done- oil will have turned whitish and will be thin. If it is still yellow and thick then the oil hasn’t been pulled enough.

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