Ayuspa Detox and Slim Aid

Ayuspa Detox and Slim Aid




Weight loss, lower blood sugar, fat burn


The goal of our Slim Aid package is simple- keep burning fat, keep blood sugar low and keep removing toxins as the body breaks down fat

Ayuspa Detox and slim aid pack (28 days Pack) contains

Detox & slim tea 28 bags- one tea bag in a cup of hot water on an empty stomach
Slim Aid Moringa 120 cap-4 capsules before breakfast
Slim Aid Turmeric 120 cap- 4 capsules before supper
Boost metabolism & burn fat Naturally

Effective in Detox and colon cleansing

Moringa provides rich green superfood that nourishes and detoxify the body.

This total body detox pack is a gradual and gentle way of detoxing the whole system. It contains everything you need to make the most of your cleanse without too harsh on the body. Cleanse, lose weight, and restore your body’s natural balance.

Our carefully chose ingredients will help boost metabolism and burn fat. You can aim to get slim naturally. Ingredients in this speed up digestion, helps to break down toxins, cleanse colon gently, flushing out toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.

For maximum effect take Ayuspa slim aid pack with regular exercise, healthy balanced eating and preferably intermittent fasting. Always talk to your health professional for holistic advice.


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Weight loss, lower blood sugar, fat burn. Ayuspa brings a unique pack designed to help you achieve healthy weight, target belly fat and detox as you lose weight in just 28 days.


One herbal detox tea and two types of capsules

Ayuspa detox and slim tea- on empty stomach

Four Ayuspa slim aid Moringa capsule- before breakfast

Four Ayuspa slim aid Turmeric capsules- before supper

The goal of our Slim Aid package is simple- keep burning fat, keep blood sugar low and keep removing toxins as the body breaks down fat


Here is how it works-

First step: Ayuspa detox & slim tea contains turmeric (removes toxins from the liver), black pepper, ginger & mint (suppresses appetite) and rose petals-  caffeine free alternative to green tea (rich in phenols, and renowned for  neutralising free radicals). You start the day feeling less hungry and detoxing.

Second Step: Ayuspa slim aid Moringa capsules:

Moringa Oleifera is a nutritionally rich green super food that nourishes and detoxifies the body simultaneously. Its usefulness in weight loss, managing  diabetes and hypertension has been a topic of much interest recently. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/moringa-powder-for-weight-loss#weight-loss. Moringa leaves help breakdown of existing body fat and reduces formation of new fat. You don’t lose “water weight”.

Our Moringa capsules contain raw uncooked product processed at very low temperature to preserve all of the essential nutrients.  The leaves are gently grounded into a fine powder for complete absorption.

Thirds Step: Ayuspa Slim Aid Turmeric. We have combined other powerful herbs with turmeric for detox and weight loss http://ayuspa.co.nz/shop/herbal-preparations-by-ayuspa/turmeric/. Amla rich in vitamin C is used in other Ayurvedic preparations like Triphala http://ayuspa.co.nz/shop/herbal-preparations-by-ayuspa/triphala-digestion-immunity-weight-loss-laxative-microbiota/ .  Senna – regular bowel motions, cumin and rose- neutralise free radicals produced from fat breakdown.  Ginger and black pepper – warming properties to help release curcumin from turmeric and are appetite suppressants.

The ingredients of Ayuspa Slim Aid pack are designed to boost metabolism, curb appetite, burn fat naturally even from difficult places like the belly and remove toxins produced by the degenerating fat cells.

Its effects are synergistic to Ayuspa Triphala http://ayuspa.co.nz/shop/herbal-preparations-by-ayuspa/triphala-digestion-immunity-weight-loss-laxative-microbiota/.


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