Ayuspa Ashwagandha is the most potent preparation in NZ market offering 800 mg of the herb per capsule. Pack size of 120 makes this cost-effective. You get more value for your money while ensuring the great quality of our brand.

Rejuvenating herb, Ashwagandha is used for managing weight, stress, anxiety, sleep, carb craving and boosting memory function.  It belongs to Solanaceae family like tomatoes.  It is primarily used in Ayurveda for ageing gracefully, longevity and vitality.


  • Supports sleep induction
  • Helps combat the effects of stress
  • Supports brain function-learning, memory, and reaction time
  • Helps curb carb craving
  • Has mood uplifting and relaxing effects
  • Helps metabolism by regulating sugar and lipids
  • Lowers inflammation in body

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Ashwagandha is a powerful rejuvenating herb is used for managing weight, stress, anxiety, sleep, carb craving and boosting memory function.  Ayurveda has used it for  longevity and vitality for nearly three thousand years.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is commonly known as “Indian Winter cherry” or “Indian Ginseng”. The name comes from two Sanskrit words Ashwa–horse and gandha smell. Unprocessed ashwagandha root smells like horse.

Modern research considers Ashwagandha to be  in the class of adaptogens. These are agents  that help body manage stress and with the process of ageing.  Ayuspa recommends Ashwagandha as a key component of Age gracefully package.

Anxiety and stress management: are the primary indications for taking Ashwagandha. It is non addictive, and non sedating.  It is highly effective if taken for at least 8 weeks. The longer you take the more it works.  Apart from some mild  side effects such as headache, sleepiness, and stomach upset, Ashwagandha is well tolerated.

Sleep disturbance: Taken regularly Ashwagandha helps restore normal sleep architecture without causing daytime sleepiness. The sleep induction effects of Ashwagandha comes from its key ingredient triethylene glycol.

Support memory function: Ashwagandha supports memory functions. Becoming forgetful with age is just a normal process. Taking Ashwagandha regularly before memory starts  to decline can slow down the inevitable.

Blood Sugar Levels: Ashwagandha normalises blood sugar level. If taken with anti diabetic medications it helps achieve better blood sugar control. If combing with medication always consult your doctor.

Weight Management: Ashwagandha is useful in managing over eating, and carb craving.  There are reports of its usefulness  in the pre-diabetic population.

Enhance Muscle Growth and Strength: You should do your own research and use Ashwagandha cautiously if you are in to body building.


  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women,
  • People with autoimmune diseases ( e.g. lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto’s disease), should avoid taking Ashwagandha.
  • Certain medications  interact with Ashwagandha e.g. thyroid, blood sugar and blood pressure medications.


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