Holistic Wellness Free Seminar 12 May 2019 Sunday 3-5Pm

This is a public programme under the Sai Banner.

Modern science meets Ancient wisdom
An interactive workshop summarising key advances in our understanding of how microbes in the gut affects our brain and overall health.
Wellbeing and longevity based on Ayurveda perspective. Ayurveda – a 5000 years old holistic system of medicine. Ayurveda considers diet to be a crucial step in improving our health longevity.

ONE Condition – for those genuinely interested in attending, he or she need to call the numbers given in the Flyer to confirm their attendance.
Guna-021 157 6159
Ravin 027 535 9638
It is first come first serve basis as seating and catering is limited. So the need to confirm attendance and participation is important.