Marma are vital energy points spread across the body. This ancient form of massage therapy eliminates toxins, strengthens the body’s immune response, boosts blood circulation and allows positive energy flow.

Relaxed Woman Receiving A Back Massage At Health Spa


A whole body massage -excellent for balancing doshas, reducing stress, eliminates toxins and improving sleep.


Therapist uses long, flowing strokes and gentle kneading movements to apply the warm oil to entire body, .
Indian head massage


Felling stressed-tense upper body? Focus is given on muscle pain and stiffness. Relieves tension, eases aches and pain.

Peace, Indian Head massage

Very popular massage. Alleviates anxiety, stress, pain, stiffness in head and
neck area.
Hand massage

Worship Hand Massage

Pamper your hands. For relieving pain and inflammation in small joints. $95 (1hr). A wax hand spa is also available ..

Grounding Feet massage

Marma points on feet, heels, toes and sole are massaged after a traditional foot spa. Improves general health.

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