General policy

Your visit to Ayuspa:

For new guest arriving 15 minutes prior to the first appointment is a good idea. You can get acclimatised and complete a questionnaire which will allow us to individualise your treatment. .

Late Arrival:

Your treatment package has been designed to maximise your enjoyment. Being late can limit the scope of what we offer and may have to cut your treatment short as we can not hold up the guest after you who has arrived on time.  We do try our best to accommodate in the best way we can. Understanding your circumstances is what we take pride in.


We are fussy about hygiene, safety and cleanliness. All our equipment are sanitized after every service and treatment. Towels are washed after each use.

Gift Cards:

Gift Cards are non-refundable and have a life of 3 months from the date of purchase. Safety of the cards is your responsibility.


We encourage online transaction. We do not accept any personal cheques.


Many Ayurvedic treatments use generous quantities of oils. They are made from herbs and may have a certain smell. It is always a good idea to wear old clothes and to bring a change of old clothes. Disposable underwears are provided.


Please advise us if you are pregnant or suffer from any medical conditions. Some treatments like Shirodhara, Basti etc. may cause light headedness. We recommend avoiding any strenuous activity after treatment. Try not to eat an hour before or after the treatment.

Alcohol and Smoking:

AyuSpa is alcohol and smoking free area. We recommend not to consume alcohol before and after the treatment as it will undermine the therapeutic value of the treatment.


There is plenty of parking.