Gandoosh or oil pulling

Gandoosh or oil pulling

Gandusha or Oil pulling, Ayurvedic oral health

Great for oral health, removes bad breath and preventing dental caries.

Enhances taste

Increases metabolism and improves digestion by releasing enzymes from the salivary glands

Excellent for dry throat and dry lips

By removing toxins with the oil gandusha has rejuvenate effects when done over a period of time. Excellent home based detoxification procedure.

An ancient Ayurvedic technique with multiple health benefits. Simply put it is swishing medicated oils in the mouth!

Technique:  Best done on empty stomach- before breakfast.

Take 1-2 tablespoons of the oil in mouth

Move oil slowly in the mouth- back forth and around. Rinse, swish, suck and pull through the teeth

Keep repeating for five minutes.

Don’t swallow the oil as it collects all impurities from your mouth.

Spit it out when done- oil will have turned whitish and will be thin. If it is still yellow and thick then the oil hasn’t been pulled enough.

Enjoy the freshness.

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