Ayurveda has been around for 5000 years. Many of the modern ailments we encounter now were not
present when Ayurveda evolved. Yet we see the basic principles of Ayurveda have been applied with
great results in the treatment of a range of conditions including common cold, digestive problems,
emotional and mental issues, insomnia, and diabetes. Ayurveda is able to individualise treatment by
studying a person’s body constitution, on the type of doshic imbalance, place of residence, lifestyle
factors climate and so on.

Shirodhara is an ancient treatment that involves uninterrupted pouring of medicated oil or other liquid
such as butter milk (choice depends on the individual) on a person’s forehead for 15 to 40 minutes from
a purpose built dispenser. The person undergoing Shirodhara lies on their back and needs to be
comfortable throughout the process. Soothing specially selected Sanskrit mantras are played during the
process and the person makes positive affirmation. Ideally the treatment is performed in soothing but
dim light and the ambient temperature is kept comfortable. You can expect to feel deep relaxation and
relief from various conditions such as headache, migraine, insomnia, wandering mind etc.

In simple terms Pancha (five) karma (actions) is a comprehensive treatment that involves five steps
1. Snehan or saturating the body with oil done internally and externally improves lubrication of
joints, adds glow to the skin and prepare trapped Doshas to be released by subsequent
treatments of Panchakarma.
2. Swedana or applying heat: either dry or wet heat is applied through poultices, herbal bath or
sweating in herbal steam. Trapped Doshas and toxins are moved closer to the surface for
3. Vaman or forced vomiting: using medicated emetics removes kapha and toxins from the upper
gastro intestinal tract.
4. Virechan: purging using purgatives lower gut is cleansed. It helps get rid of all three Doshas,
though Pitta and Kapha benefit the most
5. Vasti: medicated enema to remove toxins from the lower gut.
When done properly Panchakarma is effective in removing toxins, rejuvenation, improving vitality,
treating many chronic illnesses and preventing disease. A full course of five steps achieves these aims
but often Panchakarma is tailored to an individual’s needs or requirements depending on findings of
detailed constitution analysis. In deciding which of the five treatments are needed we take factors such
as age, Doshas status of digestive fire (Agni), general health, and accumulation of toxins (ama) in to
If someone is presenting with excess ama or toxins we could get away by selecting Snehan –applying oil
and ghee internally and externally,

Panchakarma continues to work even after the treatment finishes. To maximise benefit and avoid harm from this intensive treatment course we recommend some precautions: Avoid vigorous exercise, long trips for ten days after Panchakarma. Avoid sunbathing, cold temperature, wind and sexual intercourse for 2-3 days after Panchakarma treatment.

For maximum benefits we recommend eating balanced vegetarian food, avoiding alcohol, processed
food, sweets, stimulants such as coffee, and most dairy products. Self-massage with an Ayurvedic
massage oil or sesame oil 20 minutes before showering is helpful.

For maintaining and enhancing the benefits of Panchakarma we recommend a course of follow-up therapy consisting of diet, yoga, medication, herbal preparations, lifestyle modifications. Your therapist will give you a written recommendation. We also offer some simple recipes for food that you
can prepare yourself at home which is specific to your body type. In Ayurveda these are called Pashchat-karma (post-treatment).

From Ayurvedic perspective every person is beautiful. A true beauty is internal and is derived from a
state of positive health. Hence our motto – Find health and beauty will find you. Our treatments
improve oja- vitality.

We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before treatment. Enjoy our refreshing hot or cold drink, relax and
start unwinding rather than rushing in.
We use generous quantities of medicated oil. These can stain and sometimes may have strong smell. It
is best not to wear strong perfume that might interfere with the treatment. Ideally, make-up should also
be removed prior to the treatment.

Ideally massage should be performed on empty stomach or after light meals like a light snack. If having massage in the day we recommend 1-2 hours between eating and massage.

Please wear something comfortable. Stay warm –being exposed to cold after an invigorating massage is harmful. Best not to wear expensive clothing that could get stained. We offer full shower facilities if you wish to remove the oil from your skin. We however recommend leaving the oil on skin because these oils are medicated and continue to work on your body even after the treatment.

We use large quantities of oil and in many treatments cover your entire body. You are provided with single-use underwear for body treatments (so that your clothes are not stained. If you are not happy with this you can wear your own but run the risk of staining. We respect your privacy and use appropriate draping techniques.

Some Ayurvedic treatments are specifically designed for pregnancy. Many are contraindicated. Some Ayurvedic treatments even help you prepare for pregnancy. Please discuss your needs and make sure you inform us if you are pregnant.

Single massage is a great way to relax. For health benefits, detoxification and improving energy flow, a course of treatment, preferably five treatments, is recommended.

Ayurvedic products used at Ayuspa are derived from plants & mineral. We do not use chemicals or products of animal origin. The formula used in preparing our products are based on centuries of experience. None of our products involve any form of animal trial. They will not cause tolerance, resistance or addiction.

Udwartana is an exfoliating massage. Using powdered Ayurvedic herbs and little oil we scrub the body. The coarse textured herbs remove dead cells and rejuvenate the skin. The little oil mixed with the powder prevents the skin from drying. Strokes are rhythmic strokes and are directed towards the heart. This improves blood circulation. We conclude herbal steam so that skin pores remain open and toxins continue to be excreted.

There are many advantages of massage. Most agree a good massage relieves stress and is relaxing. Most humans are tactile and enjoy being touched. Therapeutic massage is done professionally and is not sexual in nature. It helps us meet this fundamental need in a non-threatening non-intrusive context.

A course of massage helps us release toxins. It also reduces pain and increases blood flow. Surgical scars or adhesions are also loosened with massage. It is a great way to improve lymphatic circulation and therefore eliminate toxins and pathogens.

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