Happy Navratri

Navratras -one that comes in spring ( Vasant ritu ) and another one which comes in fall ( Shishir Ritu ) help to us detoxify ourselves completely physically ,emotionally and spiritually.

Nature truly works for our complete well-being . It comes up with all the solutions that we require at any given time. when change of season happens, changes in our bodies also happen. During this time of year, internal changes of doshas in the body happens , and if we take care of food , we can easily improve our immunity and strength of the body.

It is perfect time to do detox for everyone who wants to eliminate toxins from the body.   As per science of ayurveda , if you take light and easily digestible foods during these days , it will help in improving the digestive fire , detoxify the body of all the impurities and build the ojus of the body.

Some guidelines for what to eat and what to avoid during navratri to detoxify yourself :

*Avoid processed food items as much as possible. Use unprocessed rock salt – sendha namak – over the regular, iodized, table salt, as it helps absorb minerals better than common salt.

*Grains are main ingredients of our diet ,replace it with gluten free options . Use Grains like Water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta), Buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta), tapioca pearls ( Sabudana ) ,Amaranth flour (rajgira ka atta),Barnyard millet (vrat ke chawal). These grains are mainly gluten free and contain various nutrients, and this is the best time to have them.

*Avoid Grains, especially whole grains like millets, wheat,rice  etc. as they slow down the process of digestion. So you can can avoid them for some time.

*Use spices like Cumin (jeera), Black pepper (kali mirch),Rock salt (sendha namak),Green cardamom (ilaichi),Ginger (adrak),Green chilli (hari mirch). These spices will boost your metabolism and improve your digestion

*Take veggies like Bottle guard , potatoes (in moderation), Pumpkin , sweet potatoes , Cucumber ,  Lemon (nimbu), Raw Banana , add curry leaves and mint leaves in the food.

*Take all fruits , eat at least 3-5 fruits per day . You can have fruit juices also . Add little black salt , black pepper and lemon to your fruits.

*Dry fruits are also a good options . don’t overdo it and make it a handful which should not exceed 20-22 pieces.

*Take lot of fluids . Take lemon water , Fruit juices , milk products , coconut water etc.

*Avoid Onions, garlic, lentils and legumes, fried foods, garam masala, alcohol, meat, poultry (chicken and eggs).

*Do emotional and mental fasting also. Take out some time to sit in quiet and do some meditation. De-clutter or Detox your mind of extra and unwanted thoughts by practicing mindfulness and regain your emotional energy again.