Combat winter 

 July is considered one of the coldest month in NZ.  Most of the people you meet either themselves have got cold and cough or someone in the family is suffering from flu.  People feel sick tired and exhausted with flu and related symptoms. 

Once you get any of that symptom your immunity goes down and you cannot afford to keep taking the days off from work you go back and with low immunity and someone at work passing it to you fall back sick and cycle goes on for few weeks to few month.  This is not the way any one would like to spend their time. 

According to Ayurveda the main reason for this is weak digestion hence low immunity.  If you like to spend this cold season by staying   warm and healthy, give a try to some of these tips.

Ayurveda suggest eating food during this time is should be mainly sweet salty in taste. 

Include ghee or little oil in your diet during this time Ghee works as a stimulant for digestive fire.  Which helps to strengthen immunity. 

Include extra ginger and garlic turmeric and black pepper in your diet.

 Soup and roast are better choice than salads. 

Warm home cooked meals are better than takeaways.   

Sleeping little longer help to recover and rebuild body strength.

Self-massage with Vata reducing or moisturising oil.   


Also, you can try Ayurvedic remedies to boost immunity

  1. Tripha tab
  2. Amla cap
  3. Tumeric tab
  4. Chwayanprash jam
  5. Vata reducing massage oil

Ayurvedic therapies helps fight winter blues and help in building immunity. 

  1. Abhyanga therapy
  2. Udvartn Therapy
  3. Rejuvenating facial.


Take care stay warm and healthy.