What is Panchakarma​

In simple terms Pancha (five) karma (actions) is a comprehensive treatment that involves five steps Snehan or saturating the body with oil done internally and externally improves lubrication of joints, adds glow to the skin and prepare trapped Doshas to be released by subsequent treatments of Panchakarma. Swedana or applying heat: either dry or wet […]

Ayurvedic care tips for the rainy winter months:

The climate is changing all over the world in an unprecedented fashion. We too have seen a fair share of these changes in recent times. While we all must do what we can do to save the planet it is also important to save ourselves.  Ayurveda has some sensible and easy-to-implement advice for the rainy […]

Ayurvedic hair powder

Ayurvedic hair powder is often considered an alternative to conventional shampoo for various reasons. While it’s important to note that individual preferences and hair types can play a role in determining what works best, here are some reasons why some people may prefer Ayurvedic hair powder over shampoo. Natural Ingredients: Ayurvedic hair powders typically consist […]