Marma Massages

Marma are vital energy points spread across the body. This ancient form of massage therapy eliminates toxins, strengthens the body’s immune response, boosts blood circulation and allows positive energy flow.

Facial Massage

Let go of everyday strain with our traditional face massage with Kansa wand, a small, dome-shaped tool made of Kansa metal, which is a blend of copper and tin. It helps balance doshas, skin’s pH levels, chakras, soften fine lines, restores the natural lustre and brings radiance.

Pamper Packages

A unique Ayurvedic treatment for stress, anxiety & insomnia. Experience calm with the gentle continuous flow of a medicated warm oil over the 3rd eye chakra. Brings harmony and tranquility.

Ayurvedic Body Therapies

Kati – supports back muscles, relieves nerve pain and stiffness.

Janu – reduces knee joint pain/inflammation/stiffness

Akshi Tarpan – for tired-watery eyes, reduces dark circles.

Nasya – cleanses nasal passage, helps with sinusitis, headaches, and insomnia.

Karna Poorana – Helps with tinnitus, ear-ache and soften wax.

Love & Care Packages

Feel your aches and pain melt away. This head to toe package includes a warm Potly massage with focus on the back, neck and shoulders.

Coming Soon!!