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$17090 min

  • Feel peaceful, bring harmony, achieve calm that others dream of
  • A continuous stream of medicated warm oil is poured onto the forehead (the third eye spot) for 45/60 minutes
  • Soothing music and positive self affirmation amplify the treatment effects
  • A state of blissful tranquillity is produced. Our aim – be at peace-within

Total Bliss
Royal Treatment
$15090 min

  • Whole Body Massage, Face massage, Face Mask, Indian Head Massage
  • Feel like the princesses and queens of ancient India. Only they would have enjoyed such pampering!

Healing rub
$15090 min

  • You will be lying down with face-up. Therapist will apply firm  horizontal strokes followed by gentle circular motions with coarse ground herbal powder designed to create fiction while rubbing
  • Manage cellulite, water retention, eliminate wastes and toxins by opening up skin pores