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Whole body massage (Abhaynga)

Most Popular

  • All the main Marma points in the body are massaged using a combination of kneading, stroking and rubbing motion
  • Treat your whole body using warm medicated oils ideally  selected according to your body constitution
  • Excellent for balancing Doshas, reducing stress and inducing sound sleep

Back and shoulder
$5530 min

  • Marma points on your back and shoulders are massaged
  • Mostly kneading motions
  • Oil is blended to relieve pain and tension
  • Some temporary stinging feeling may occur with the oil.

Indian Head Massage
$5030 min

  • Indian Head Massage is an absolute must and is unique to Ayurveda
  • It alleviates anxiety, stress, localised pain and stiffness
  • We work on the Marma points of head, face and neck
  • Fully clothed, oil free and workplace options are available
  • We have a range of herbal oils tailored to your preference and needs

Healing touch
Hands Massage
$6045 min

  • Hands heal, create and express
  • Gives the attention our hands deserve and need
  • Excellent for pain in small joints of hands
  • Great for general malaise
  • Marma points on hands are connected to our internal organs. They are massaged using constant circular motion for widespread benefit
  • Releases toxins and unblocks the channels for positive energy to flow
  • Helps with digestion, metabolism and blood circulation. A course of treatment is better.

Feet Massage
$6045 min

  • How often do we even look at the very legs that made our species so unique? Well Ayurveda knows their importance. Here is how.  We commence the Grounding session by soaking your feet in warm water, infused with a special oil and fresh lemon to soften the skin. We then massage all the Marma points of legs and feet with moderate pressure and conclude with moisture retaining skin treatment.
  • Feel the circulation improve and the better energy flow as the therapy progresses. By the time we finish your feet will feel so light that you will be floating on air.

Pain Relief
$9540 min

  • Relieves stress and eases aches and negative emotions caused by Doshic blockages. Especially designed for muscular pain or sports injury
  • Massage with a bag (Potly) full of Ayurvedic herbs dipped in medicated oil
  • We have our secret recipe for this method which is individualised according to your constitution
  • Potly is freshly prepared and periodically warmed throughout the session