Ayuspa Detox and Sim Aid

Ayuspa Detox and slim aid (28 days Pack) contains

  1. Detox & slim tea 28 bags
  2. Slim Aid Turmeric 120 cap
  3. Slim Aid Moringa 120 cap

Boost metabolism & burn fat Naturally

Effective in Detox and colon cleansing

Moringa provides rich green super food that nourishes and detoxify the body.

In Ayurveda everything is pretty much based on finding balance in your doshas, within our body mind and spirit, finding balance with work, family and other chaotic life style.  Once doshas are out of balance we start depositing toxins all over body.  Ayurveda recognises coping through all that routine, our body deposits various toxins on regular basis.

This total body detox pack is gradual and gentle way of detoxing whole system.  This contains everything you need to make the most of your cleanse without too harsh on body.  This is designed to cleanse, lose weight and restore your body’s natural balance.

This pack helps to boost metabolism, burns fat and helps you to get slim fit naturally.  Ingredients in this speed up digestion, helps in breaking down toxins, cleanse colon gently, flushing out toxins, from gastrointestinal track

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Dr Rachna Kumar BAMS

Rachna Kumar graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from India and has continued to develop her skills by attending regular courses in the UK, USA, New Zealand and India. She has practiced Ayurveda for 20 years in New Zealand and England. She now offers specialist health and beauty services using Ayurvedic principles for women in Hamilton. www.ayuspa.co.nz