An Interview with Dr Rachna,

Panchakarma – A 4 Day Residential Ayurvedic Healing & Detox Retreat for Women that wish to live a vibrant, healthy life.


What is the Panchakarma Retreat for?

This is a one on one residential detox retreat run by Dr Rachna – An ayurvedic Doctor and Surgeon.  The aim of Panchakarma is to help people heal their bodies firstly… Panchakarma Retreat is not a superficial relaxation retreat. It is an Ayurvedic Therapy based retreat where detoxing treatments are administered to heal the body from the inside out… Don’t worry, there are also beautiful Ayurvedic Treatments included daily to help your body feel nurtured as you start repairing, but words of warning, this fully immersive retreat is only for people that are really determined to make a change.  Before Dr Rachna accepts a client for this retreat a phone conversation and a detailed questionnaire will need to be filled out to ascertain whether Panchakarma Retreat is for you. [insert link for the pre-evaluation questionnaire]

This retreat is not for people that are unwilling to do the work required to create a healthy body and mind. Reason: in order to heal the body we first need to detox all the impurities from it to create a space for healing to happen…

  1. Who is it for and which ailments does Panchakarma help with?

Women or couple’s who are tired, looking to completely purify their body and interested in achieving longevity. The aim of PK is to speed up the digestion process and improve metabolism. The therapies aim to remove toxins and sluggishness in the body.

People that will benefit are those suffering from depression, chronic fatigue, burnout, insomnia, stress, anxiety, lack of concentration, menopause, diabetes, obesity, sexual dysfunction, hormone imbalance, high cholesterol, some allergies, and skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis.

People who want to feel more energetic, improve cognitive, concentration, and focus, or just build immunity. Panchakarma is about regaining your balance from any situation like feelings of abandonment or stressful or emotional relationships such as divorce, or the loss of a loved one.

  1. What is your intention behind creating the retreats?

I love working with people, helping them achieve their wellbeing goals.  My intention is to show them that traditional Ayurvedic treatments really do help in modern life. During this process, they are given the time to relax and allow the body to allow the restorative panchakarma treatments to work. When energy is restored life force is able to flow and one’s own value and potential are realized.  During my Panchakarma retreat, I blend therapy with pampering, I feed the body with nourishing food made with love, care, and kindness and specific to their dosha. I hand hold my clients each step of the way. This gives them the time to just trust that I have their highest needs in mind and they can release their control and mind as they do not need to think about anything else other than themselves. This is intentional and purposeful rest that the body, mind, and spirit need to heal.

3. What is different about Panchakarma retreats?

The speed of improvement – When I have people in my care for a constant 4 days, I am able to help them transform faster and thereby make a bigger difference. It gives me enormous pleasure when I see my clients getting better, feeling healthier and happier inside and out. Sometimes just receiving pure pampering, healing touch or an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on, can have a profound impact on turning a person’s life around.  It is rewarding to empower them and see them gain confidence, strengthen their emotional state and see them re-energized and leading the life they have always wanted.

  1. Are the retreats therapeutic in nature?

Yes, panchakarma is individual therapy from ancient Ayurveda, so they are very therapeutic treatments.  You are here to restore your body, detach from the externals and recover from the burden of work, escape from the hustle-bustle of life for a few days.  During this time, I would suggest detaching from the use of technical devices. This therapy-based retreat is for you to fully focus on your body and its needs without being distracted by external issues.  You are encouraged to meditate, read, write and reflect in your journal. You may also use the time to enjoy a spa, or the swimming pool ( if weather permits), take mindful walks, sit outside in the sun close to nature and do lots of inward reflection or meditation.

  1. What will you gain from Panchakarma?

While there will be a lot of time to rest and relax, some of your take away tools will be, how to make a simple Khichari (healing grain or rice-based dish) and how to do your own self-face massage. Plus you will have a deeper understanding of your body’s needs and you will be more mindful and focused on making better choices in the future. Your body will have begun detoxing sufficiently to improve its metabolism and start gaining energy, clarity, and a stronger immune system.

  1. Is the Retreat fully catered and residential?

Yes, for Panchakarma to be effective, this needs to be a residential retreat, therefore it is fully catered.

This is a 4-day retreat, with 4 nights’ accommodation and leaving by midday on the 5th day after a feedback session, another pulse reading/treatment (if indicated), and nutritious breakfast.

During your stay, you will be fed a nourishing vegetarian menu with snacks and beverages, so there is no reason to bring anything with you. It is not expected that you will need to leave during the retreat unless we are notified of lockdown.

You can expect to receive two to three therapies a day depending on your unique needs. An average of two and half hours of treatments total each day, plus time for meditation, sleep, and rest. It would be expected that your body will dictate that rest is required, so the Panchakarma retreat allows space for deep Sacred Rest to happen.

  1. This is the 5 step process to book Dr. Rachna’s Panchakarma Retreat?

#1 Fill out the Pre Assessment Questionnaire to see whether Panchakarma will work for you?

#2 Have a phone Chat with Dr Rachna

#3 Confirm the price for your retreat with a written Quote

#4 Make Payment in Advance

#5 Confirm the dates

#6 Purchase the Herbs to prepare the body to receive Panchakarma treatments

#7 Follow the practices set out in your personal treatment plan, including taking the herbs

#8 Show up for your Panchakarma Retreat – Ready to make change

  1. What’s involved in the Retreat?

This is a general idea on the Panchakarma Treatments to expect.  However please note that these may change depending on an individual’s dosha, the season, and the client’s particular health issues that need addressing. There will be ample rest time in between treatments, to sleep, walk, meditate, swim, or spa.

Day 1. Welcome, herbal drink, unpack, introduction about the retreat show around, pulse reading only (because they would have filled the questionnaire already) Enema/Colon Cleanse, Abhyanga Full Body Massage

Day 2: Abhyanga, Udvartana, Steam, Potly/Nasya

Day 3:  Abhyanga,  Shirodhara, Head Massage

Day 4: Abhyanga, Udvartana, Ear, Kansa Face Massage

Day5:  Final consultation with feedback plus an option to have either a Face/Head/Shoulder Massage Leave after breakfast 13:00 pm.

  1. What is included in each retreat:

Ayurvedic therapies, delicious meals, use of facilities,  fruits,  snacks, and accommodation.

  1. What to bring? You can give this information in an email; it doesn’t need to be on the Web page. We use a lot of oil, and it may stain your good clothes. You may prefer to bring old clothes to wear soon after your therapy which you do not mind getting oil on them.

Comfortable clothes, layers of warm clothes to cover your body most of the time, warm robes or jackets with hood or Bennie.

Journal, book to read, music, drawing pad or pencils.

11:  Prerequisite: 

Because this is a very intense therapeutic detox retreat, the prerequisite is part of the process to take steps to get the body ready to receive the Panchakarma treatments.

  • Steps: Dosha Evaluation or Initial Visit
  • Purchase of Herbs to take (these can be posted out) – allow time for them to take effect…1-2 weeks?
  • A detailed letter or email about your current lifestyle and your clients’ intention behind wanting to book a Panchakarma retreat

Clients are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire and have a phone consultation if they are out of town. To achieve better results from the Panchakarma retreat we do suggest they take detoxing herbs or other herbs which your Doctor will decide after a phone conversation, at least one week before the start of the retreat. You are advised to have more warm herbal drinks, fresh fruits, and vegetarian meals and stop or reduce coffee and alcohol intake.

  1. What can your clients expect to achieve by coming to your retreat?

They would feel well-rested. Feel lighter and more energetic, clarity of mind, calmer, they would feel stronger emotionally and hopefully more empowered to handle whatever life throws at them, well pampered and nurtured in their body, mind, and soul.

  1. What is different about Dr Rachna’s retreat?

Not only is this specialized one-on-one retreat run by a skilled Dr in Ayurveda. There is also an extremely intuitive element involved, where Rachna can feel and hear things that other practitioners cannot. This means that she can facilitate and monitor her patients and clients, intuitively and energetically with the full duty of care and deep anatomical knowledge to their entire being.

While there may be other retreats that offer detox or a healing experience. There are not many around where the Doctor in residence is also the client’s primary caregiver for the full 4 days duration.  Most other retreats or workshops cater to a larger audience at one time, which does not allow for an individual’s full needs to be met. These points of difference allow for an individual to fully surrender to the process and allow healing to take place.

At this retreat, being selfish is an act of self-love and it is wholeheartedly encouraged.