Ayurvedic vs modern approaches

Ayurvedic vs modern approaches

Modern medical system believes everybody has the same anatomy, physiology and disease process-Ayurveda believes everybody is different.  It respects individuality.

Modern system looks for cure, Ayurveda looks for prevention.

Modern medical system treats mind and body as separate entities.  Ayurveda has always believed “psyche” and “soma” are closely connected.  Healthy body has healthy mind and vice versa.  Health is achieved when one’s body, mind and soul are in harmony. Modern medical system often looks for and delivers quick fixes.  Immediate symptomatic relief is the goal.  Ayurveda, on the other hand, takes a systematic approach in getting rid of the underlying cause of ill health.  Imbalance in life forces is seen as the cause of ill health. This approach can take longer but once achieved results last.

Ayurveda has so much to offer! The basic concepts, vocabulary and principles are very different to modern medicine.  In order to understand Ayurveda it is important to become familiar with these concepts and notions.  Join us for individual or group courses in Ayurveda at Ayuspa and be empowered.

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