Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic method for detoxification and rejuvenation. The word Panchakarma means five actions or steps. Panch=Five, Karma=steps/actions. Mainly Oleation, Steaming, Vomiting, Purgation, Vasti. It is a comprehensive method to remove toxins, strengthen the immune system, and restore balance. Not all steps are needed for everyone. Some may need only a few depending on their needs.  The main aim of detox is making colon and
A big part of this detox is making the colon and lymphatic system more efficient so they can begin to clear out the ama (digestive toxins of unprocessed food and sludge in the system) along the primary detoxification pathways.

To achieve this, you will open up the pathways through the kidneys – you can’t flush out the pipes if they are clogged. You will also be moving things along at a faster rate through the colon while nourishing the garden of your gut flora.

Ayurveda believes Pitta imbalance is one of the causes of malfunctioning liver. Detox makes the colon and lymphatic system more efficient, it loosens up the toxins, opens up clogged channels and flushes out through the kidneys.  Balancing Pitta improves liver health.

You can improve your liver health by following these Ayurvedic health tips.

  1. Avoid building up toxins by eliminating bowels every day. Triphala works best as a bowels cleanser.
  2. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins.
  3. Improve digestion to reduce building-up Ama/ Toxins.
  4. Diet should include sweet and bitter vegetables, sweet/ripe fruits, lentils, grains-oats, basmati rice, barley.
  5. Doing liver detox every 6 months rejuvenates liver tissues and improves overall health   Learn more about our detox programme Panchkarma.
  6. Avoid/reduce alcohol, red meat, spicy and oily food.
  7. Focus on better sleep.
  8. Follow Yoga asanas, Pranayama and conclude your regime by doing some Meditation.

Benefits of Ayurvedic detox/ Panchakarma

Ayurvedic Herbs and spices like Triphala, Bringraj, turmeric, pippali, licorice, haritaki are effective for treating liver disorders. Buy detox pack online.

Some ayurvedic therapies are good to help to eliminate toxins like Udvartana,

and Vasti Colon cleanse).


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 Dr Rachna Kumar graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from India and has continued to develop her skills by attending regular courses in the UK, USA, New Zealand and India. She has practised Ayurveda for 20 years in New Zealand and England. She now offers specialist health and beauty services using Ayurvedic principles for women in Hamilton.
 Dr Rachna Kumar BAMS (India), MA (London), Ayurvedic beauty Therapy (London) Ayurveda assessment Immersion (USA)