Some rules for eating.

  1. Always wash, face hands, and –if possible –feet before meals.
  2. Never eat before sunrise or after sunset. If you eat after sunset, you must eat very light meals which are easy to digest.  Like Khichrai, or soups.
  3. Eat only when feeling hungry and after a previous meal has been digested.
  4. Be mindful before eating, pay attention to your feelings and state of mind.
  5. Make sure to sit down in a nice pleasant comfortable environment to eat.
  6. Do not watch TV or do other things while eating.
  7. Be very attentive to all your five senses while eating, color, aromas, texture, taste, and sound of each food.
  8. Only sip water with meals. Do not drink chilled water or other juices.
  9. Never drink too hot or too cold, bring it to cool down or warm up to normal temperature.
  10. Include all six tastes in a day’s meal.
  11. Do not eat hot and cold meals together. Like never eat soups and ice-creams together at the same time.
  12. Avoid all in-between-meal snacks.
  13. Eat freshly cooked food, try avoiding leftovers for many days, and reheated many times.
  14. Reheating and leftover for many days destroy the prana of food.
  15. Reheated, frozen and canned food increases Vata.
  16. Never eat too fast or too slow.
  17. Chew food properly before swallowing.
  18. According to Ayurveda have a light breakfast, big lunch, and a light dinner.
  19. Urinate after eating. Avoid sleeping after lunch.
  20. Herbs: Triphala and Ashwagandha are helpful to keep the Doshas under control.