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Detoxification means cleaning and removing accumulated toxins and impurities from the whole body. Detoxing the liver and bowel regularly which not only provides the equivalent of a ‘spring clean’, regularly detoxing your body is essential for radiant, lifelong health and youthfulness into old age

Ayurvedic home detox  Benefits An Ayurvedic detox for your body

What do you get in ayurvedic detox & Slim Aid?

Ayurvedic detox & Slim Aid contains effective Ayurvedic herbs, all in capsule form, to be taken after breakfast and dinner over 28 day period.

Start your day with

Continue this for a month and your body gently clean and detoxify the whole system.

Please try to do as many things as you can during the course of Detox.

  1. Oil pulling, Upon waking up after brushing and before breakfast has one spoon full of coconut oil/ Ayuspa oil pulling and swirl in the mouth for 15 min before spitting out. Do not rinse the mouth with water after oil pulling.
  2. Do Neti (nasal rinse)
  3. Use scrub powder when having a shower. Use 1 tablespoon of powder and mix with a small amount of water make a paste and rub thoroughly all over the body.  Rinse off in the shower.
  4. Have enough fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Have one meal of beans as soup or boil with vegetables.
  6. Reduce coffee or alcohol intake.
  7. Do not Skip meals during detox. Eat the main meal at lunch.
  8. Try to eat less during this period. Eat at the same time each day
  9. Each day drink at least 10 glasses of water or herbal drink.
  10. Do Sun Salute yoga. Do go for at least a 20 -30 min walk each day.
  11. Do not do strenuous activities. Have time for yourself and relax.
  12. Do Self-massage every day, Massage oils are available at AyuSpa.
  13. Before bed think about at least three things you are grateful for.

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Dr Rachna Kumar is a graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. Rachna has practised Ayurveda for over 25 years in New Zealand, England and India.  She continues to attend conferences worldwide, is invited by various organizations for lectures, seminars, and workshops globally. She now offers specialist health and beauty services using Ayurvedic principles for women in Hamilton