Panchakarma Retreat

Panchakarma is effective in removing toxins, rejuvenation, improving vitality, treating many chronic illnesses and preventing disease. A full course of five steps achieves these aims

In simple terms, Pancha (five) karma (actions) is a comprehensive treatment that involves five steps

  • Snehan or saturating the body with oil done internally and externally improves lubrication of joints, adds glow to the skin and prepare trapped Doshas to be released by subsequent treatments of Panchakarma.
  • Swedana or applying heat: either dry or wet heat is applied through poultices, herbal bath or sweating in herbal steam. Trapped Doshas and toxins are moved closer to the surface for release.
  • Vaman or forced vomiting: using medicated emetics removes kapha and toxins from the upper gastro intestinal tract.
  • Virechan: purging using purgatives lower gut is cleansed. It helps get rid of all three Doshas, though Pitta and Kapha benefit the most
  • Vasti: medicated enema to remove toxins from the lower gut. When done properly Panchakarma is effective in removing toxins, rejuvenation, improving vitality, treating many chronic illnesses and preventing disease. A full course of five steps achieves these aims but often Panchakarma is tailored to an individual’s needs or requirements depending on findings of detailed constitution analysis. In deciding which of the five treatments are needed we take factors such as age, Doshas status of digestive fire (Agni), general health, and accumulation of toxins (ama) in to account.

If someone is presenting with excess ama or toxins we could get away by selecting Snehan –applying oil and ghee internally and externally.


Panchakarma continues to work even after the treatment finishes. To maximise benefit and avoid harm from this intensive treatment course, we recommend some precautions: Avoid vigorous exercise and long trips for ten days after Panchakarma. Avoid sunbathing, cold temperatures, wind, and sexual intercourse for 2-3 days after Panchakarma treatment.


For maximum benefits, we recommend eating balanced vegetarian food, avoiding alcohol, processed food, sweets, stimulants such as coffee, and most dairy products. Self-massage with an Ayurvedic massage oil or sesame oil 20 minutes before showering is helpful.


For maintaining and enhancing the benefits of Panchakarma we recommend a course of follow-up therapy consisting of diet, yoga, medication, herbal preparations, lifestyle modifications. Your therapist will give you a written recommendation. We also offer some simple recipes for food that you can prepare yourself at home that are specific to your body type. In Ayurveda these are called Pashchat-karma (post-treatment).

A Day of Ayurvedic living Retreat

A glimpse into the philosophy, tradition and practise of Ayurveda. Enjoy a welcome drink while we analyse your body constitution and choose the right herbs and oils. Package includes Abhyanga, herbal scrub to remove toxins, Potly, steam, body polish to unblock energy channels and a freshly cooked meal specific to your body type. A truly memorable experience at an unhurried pace.

Discover the transformative power of ancient wisdom in a serene setting.
Embark on a journey of holistic rejuvenation with our 3-day Ayurvedic residential
retreat. Immerse yourself in the time-tested practices of Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-
old Indian science of life, designed to bring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

What awaits you:

Personalised consultations: Rachna Kumar Ayurvedic practitioner will
assess your unique constitution (dosha) and design a personalised
programme for optimal well-being.

Daily yoga and meditation: Gentle yoga practices and guided meditations
will promote inner peace, flexibility, and stress reduction.

Authentic Ayurvedic treatments: Experience rejuvenating therapies like
Abhyanga massage, Shirodhara, and herbal poultices to detoxify and
revitalize your body.

Delicious and nourishing meals: Savor freshly prepared vegetarian meals
specifically tailored to your dosha for optimal digestion and health.

Educational workshops: Gain insights into Ayurvedic principles, self-care
routines, and healthy lifestyle practices for lasting well-being.
 Peaceful sanctuary: Relax and connect with nature in the rural Tamahere a
tranquil setting perfect for introspection and renewal.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Enhance energy levels
  • Boost your immune system
  • Rebalance your doshas
  • Achieve deeper self-awareness
  • Discover personalized tools for lasting well-being

This retreat is ideal for:

  • Individuals seeking stress relief and relaxation
  • Those interested in exploring Ayurveda and its benefits
  • Anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being
  • Individuals seeking a personalized approach to self-care


Your investment includes comfortable accommodations in an ensuite room with a walk-in cupboard, delicious meals, personalized consultations, guided practices, Ayurvedic treatments, and access to all workshops and activities.
Contact us today to reserve your space and begin your journey to holistic well-being.

Additional information:
Dates and retreat locations will be provided upon inquiry.

We offer flexible options for dietary restrictions and preferences.

Transportation to and from the retreat is not included.
Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Join us for a
transformative 3-day Ayurvedic residential retreat!

Group retreats

Renew Yourself ($250 per person, 4 hours – Minimum of 6 people)

  • Centered around cleansing energy, mindful practices, comfort, and solace, the Renew Yourself retreat is perfect for those searching for a restart and rejuvenation.
  • Bring your group and enjoy a day that begins with yoga, led by Dr. Rachna Kumar in the beautiful countryside.
  • This is followed by an interactive and informative session on mindful eating, which aids in healthy eating behaviors, improves digestion, assists in weight loss, and increases your satisfaction with what you eat.
  • Take these learnings next into your lunch, which consists of vegetarian food and drink based on core Ayurvedic and holistic principles.
  • After this, enjoy a serene, mindful walk through nature, allowing you to collect your thoughts and ground yourself.
  • Finish the retreat with an immersive and healing meditation session, again run by Dr. Rachna Kumar.

Check this retreat option out if you are interested in healing, renewal, and mindfulness

Ayurvedic Cooking Class ($190 per person, 4 hours  – Minimum of 6 people)

  • In Ayurveda, food and drink form an integral part of the holistic approach to bettering one’s health.
  • Ingredients, portion sizes, and frequency of meals are all carefully selected, depending on the client’s body type.
  • We appreciate the impact that nutrition has on one’s health. As a result, Ayurveda places a great deal of importance on eating natural, organic meals.
  • This serves to improve one’s cognitive state, and energy demands, optimize metabolism, and also provide a sense of satisfaction whilst eating!
  • Join Dr. Rachna Kumar in the Ayurvedic cooking class, to take some of these key learnings from an expert and implement them in your own day-to-day life.
  • This retreat begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of Ayurvedic cooking.
  • With this knowledge in hand, you will be educated on the importance of various grains and spices.
  • Join together with your colleagues, in the most enjoyable part of the retreat, which is then cooking an Ayurvedic meal together, with interaction, education, and assistance from Dr. Rachna Kumar.
  • This serves as a remarkable team-building opportunity, where you will enjoy the art of cooking, learn about key steps in the preparation process, and better understand the nuances of historic Ayurvedic meals.
  • Finish off the session by eating your shared meal together, and reflecting on the things you’ve learned alongside your colleagues.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take some Ayurvedic teachings back to your kitchens, and consequently reap the rewards!  

AyuSpa Delux Retreat ($750 per person, 4 hours)

Our premium retreat deal encompasses a broad range of Ayurvedic principles, practices, and teaching opportunities.

Perfect for those interested in an immersive and educational day, combined with team-building exercises, select massage therapies, provided lunch and refreshments as well as yoga and meditation sessions, this 4-hour retreat is ideal for your workplace function, group of friends looking to treat themselves, or a lovely and inclusive family treat!

  • Begin the day with a grounding yoga session led by Dr. Rachna Kumar.
  • After finding your inner calm, enjoy some welcome drinks and snacks, whilst you chat with your fellow retreat members.
  • Some team-building exercises and ice-breakers will follow.
  • Then enjoy an Ayurvedic Harmony Massage, which includes a facial, head massage, and whole-body treatment. Dive into a relaxing spa session, and channel your creativity and teamwork skills by painting your traditional mandala, which is yours to take home.
  • After these exercises, satisfy your cravings by enjoying a traditional, organic Ayurvedic lunch, with a variety of options for those involved.
  • Finish off this beautiful day with a meditation session, allowing you the chance to unwind, relax, and find that inner peace once again.


This is an incredible opportunity, so don’t miss out on the chance to book!

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