Ayurvedic body oil, Vata Pitta and Kapha

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For external use only. Store in a cool dry place. This product contains only natural herbs and plant oil.



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Ayurvedic oils Vata Pitta Kapha

Ayurvedic oil is calming, soothing, moistening and lubricating. Oil is traditionally used in Ayurvedic healing in a variety of ways.

In the ayurvedic tradition, therapeutic oil massage is said to balance the three bodily humors, or doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha.

An oil massage is a time-tested method of rejuvenating the mind and healing the body.  Self-Massage with oil has wide-ranging health benefits. Regular self-massage with sesame oil lubricates the muscles and tissues, and provides resilience, vitality, and strength to the body. A warm oil massage will restore youthfulness of the body and peace of mind.