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Ayuspa is based in rural Tamahere where you will hear birds sing and be close to nature. You will be coming to Rachna’s home where a dedicated area is set aside for spa.  Expect to enjoy homely warmth, rural solitude and proximity with nature- all within 15 minutes from the city.

Ideally you should have a constitution analysis to start with. This helps you and Rachna determine the state of your doshas (life forces) and general health. With this information Ayurvedic treatments can be individualised to your specific needs.

Ayurvedic treatments vary from using herbs, oils, medicated ghee (clarified butter), yoga, meditation, massage, facial treatments, lifestyle modifications to various skin care products. No matter what treatment you agree upon you can expect to receive individual attention, world class expertise and best quality herbal products.

An occasional product at Ayuspa can contain paraben or some other preservative. Our manufacturers advise us herbal products have limited shelf life and some products need the paraben for its antibacterial properties. While mainstream cosmetic products are purely made from chemicals some Ayuspa products contain small quantities of paraben or preservatives. Our products are largely made from herbs and chemicals are avoided as much as possible. While selecting our products we go out of the way to ensure harmful chemicals like phthalates lead, mercury, BHA, BHT. DEA, Coaltar dyes don’t find their way in.

At Ayuspa you can also be reassured to know Rachna keeps updating her knowledge by attending courses internationaly and is well connected with peers both in New Zealand and abroad.  She has, among other courses, attended programmes at Ayurveda Pura Academy, London and Northwest Institute of Ayurveda, California.

Ayurveda may not give you instant results but you can expect long lasting benefits and being in control over your life and health”.