Facial Treatment

Facial Treatments

Women have the right to look beautiful. At AyuSpa we respect this right. Our facial treatments are designed to ensure that your skin looks and feels at its best. Prior to a facial treatment, with Ayurvedic approach, your therapist will analyse your skin type and discuss any specific concerns you have. She will then recommend individual herbal facial treatment for you. Beauty products are chosen on the basis of your constitution.


$ 70

  • rejuvenation-old
  • Does your face look or feel tired? This AyuSpa special package is the answer
  • Ayurvedic, face massage with nourishing cream, and face pack will awaken your skin
  • You will feel recharged and refreshed. As always we chose products based on your constitution


$ 60

  • aromatherapy facial-new
  • Try this fragrant extravaganza for a youthful face and balanced mind
  • Inhalation session with a blend of Ayurvedic essential oils selected on the basis of your constitution


$ 60

  • radiant facial
  • This is a complexion enhancer and moisturising treatment. It detoxifies, smoothens and hydrates your face

AyuSpa SpecialRecommended

$ 90

60 min
  • ayuspaspecial-new
  • An absolute indulgence! Starts with soothing facial and includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, hydration treatment, face massage and mask therapy
  • These steps will rejuvenate your face. Conclude with Indian had massage -leave feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed


$ 40

  • expressfacial-new
  • Perfect for busy bees or when your face screams “pick me up”
  • Enjoy a quick face scrub, massage, and moisturiser

Marma Massage

Marma Massage 

Marma are pressure points on your body which control energy flow and eliminate toxins (ama). Marma Massage rejuvenates, eliminates toxins and restores harmony. Whether you need some relief from physical stress, to relax, or are suffering from a specific ache or pain, Marma massage caters them all. Simply let us know what you are looking for when making an appointment. If unsure, we are happy to assist.

Whole body massageMost popular

$ 80

  • wholebodymassagenew
  • Treat your whole body using warm medicated oils carefully selected according to your body constitution. It rejuvenates the entire body, reduces stress and induces sound sleep.

Back and shoulder

$ 50

  • backandashouldermassage-old
  • After a long and tiring day or while at work, this marma massage focuses on your back, and shoulders.
  • Relieves pain and brings energy back.

Indian Head Massage

$ 40

30 min
  • indianhead-massage-new
  • Indian Head Massage is an absolute must. It alleviates anxiety, stress, pain and stiffness of body working on the marma points of head, face and neck
  • fully clothed, oil free and workplace options are offered
  • We have a range of herbal oils to suit your taste and needs.

Hands and feet

$ 40

  • hands and feet2
  • Excellent for pain in small joints or general malaise. Marma points on hands and feet are connected to our internal organs. They are massaged using constant circular motion for widespread benefit.
  • It releases toxins and unblocks the channels for positive energy to flow. Helps with digestion, metabolism and blood circulation.


$ 40

  • footmassage-new
  • We commence by soaking your feet in warm water and follow it by applying medicated oil on the marma points of legs and feet.
  • Feel the circulation improve and the improvement in energy flow as the therapy progresses. By the time we finish your feet feel so light that you will be floating on air.


$ 80

  • potli
  • Relieves stress and eases aches and negative emotions caused by Doshic blockages. Especially designed for muscular pain or sports injury.
  • Massage with a bag (potly) full of authentic herbs dipped in medicated oil. We have our secret recipe for this method which is individualised according to your constitution.
  • Potly is freshly prepared and periodically warmed as the therapy progresses.

Pure Pampering

 Pure Pampering 

Unique treatments for those special occasions.


$ Ask


  • Feel peaceful, rid inner anguish or relief in headache. Balancing body and mind is important in Ayurveda.
  • A continuous stream of medicated warm oil is poured onto the forehead for 45/60 minutes.
  • A state of blissful tranquillity is produced. You experience a sense of harmony between body and mind as the therapy progresses. Our aim – be at peace-within.

Total BlissRoyal

$ 130

90 min
  • totalbliss-old
  • Whole Body Massage, Face massage, Face Mask, Indian Head Massage.
  • Feel like princesses and queens of ancient India. Only they would have enjoyed such pampering!
  • Brochure has print mistake on price.


$ 150

  • udwartan-old
  • A herbal powder is used for this rejuvenation therapy which is deeply relaxing.
  • Helps in reducing cellulite, water retention and managing weight.
  • Also releases and eliminates stored wastes and toxins.  Require series of session to achieve desired results.

Body Therapies

 Body Therapies 

Please enquire for specific treatment packages and teaching sessions.


$ 80

  • Nasya
  • Very good for Sinus problems, headaches, migraines. It helps with good night sleep, improves smell, works on olfactory sensory organ.
  • Medicated oil is gradually dropped in both nostrils. Facial marma points are to drain mucus from nasal passage.

Akshi Tarpan

$ 90

  • akshi tarpan
  • Good for tired eyes, dark circles around eye, vision enhancer. It nourishes eye muscles thus improving eyesight.
  • Start with massaging facial massage with pure warm Ghee, stimulating marma points around eyes.

Karna Pooran

$ 80

  • karna purna
  • Very calming, takes you in to total silence and peace.
  • Good for tinnitus, earaches, wax deposition. Start with face massage with warm oil then each ear is filled with warm medicated oil.

Hair TreatmentDependent on hair length

$ 40/70

  • 24
  • Herbal paste stimulates hair growth, prevents hair fall, or graying and maintains hair colour.
  • A herbal paste is thoroughly applied on the scalp and hair to nourish and condition your hair.


$ 90

  • kati vasti
  • An effective treatment for back pain.  Warm oil is poured in the well made by dough and left their to work while.
  • Finish off with massage of marma points in the area

Constitution Analysis

$ 80

  • 23
  • Complete assessment of your prakriti (Body constitution). Understand factors (dosha) governing your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Receive recommendations to improve your health and wellbeing.


$ ”ask

Per Month

We also offer De-stress Package (Whole Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Shirodhara); Rejuvenation package (Indian Head Massage, Whole Body Udvartan, steaming) and Bridal Package (Indian Head Massage, Whole Body Ubtan) Wax therapy (for  aching small joints in heated wax)  and Educational sessions (on Ayurveda, Ayurvedic cooking, Yoga and Yoga nidra, pranayama and baby massage).  Educational sessions can be delivered individually  or in groups. Please contact for cost and minimum group size